Biewer Terrier Beginning

In spite of a slight age difference of 11 years, Mr. and Mrs. Biewer shared many interests and hobbies; Mr. Biewer cherished Mrs. Biewer and always strived to make her happy. While Mr. Biewer was a government man and worked many long hours and Mrs. Biewer was a hairstylist, and owned her own salon, they still found the time to travel and go on vacations.  Mr. Biewer retired and devoted all his time to helping Mrs. Biewer with their breeding program.

The Biewers enjoyed traveling in their very “state of the art” camper; since they did not have children, all of their dogs traveled with them on their trips.  Mrs. Biewer told Gayle Pruett, “I would get up every morning, brush my dogs’ hair and tie a red ribbon in their pony tail.” Gayle asked her if she ever got tired or if the dogs got mad, she just chuckled and shook her head and said, “Oh, they loved to have their hair brushed, of course, it didn’t take so long then”.

In 1970, while on a camper vacation, they discussed the topic of becoming more involved in raising and showing dogs, so in January of 1973, they sold their home and Hair Salon in Köln and moved to a spacious home in Hunsruck. This move allowed them the much-needed space to raise and breed their Yorkshire Terriers.

The Biewers had been showing their dogs and doing quite well in the show ring. On one of their travels to England, they would visit the Streamglen Kennel, and ended up acquiring dogs to add to their breeding program.


1981 is about the end of the showing career for the standard Yorkshire Terriers. We really don't hear much about any dogs from the Friedheck kennel until 1984 when Shneeflockchen and Schneeman are born and then nothing until their main debut in 1986.


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  Mrs. Gertrud Biewer with Biewers

                                    Photos courtesy of the BTCA, Inc.